Rugged laser processing head up to 500W ( 250W cw )

LH501 is a flexible laser processing head for diode and fiber lasers . It has a coaxial fiber coupled infrared or two color pyrometer and a process camera. Various spot geometries are available.

  • For diode or fiber lasers with QBH, LLK-A, D80, FSMA905 or fiber laser collimations optics
  • For wavelengths from 808nm to 1100nm available.
  • Suitable for laser dual wavelength material processing
  • 1" optics
  • Ring light and cross jet optional
  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH501_with_Pyrometer_and_Camera_02

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH501 with Pyrometer

  • Universal Laser Processing Head LH501 with LCL

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH501 with LCL

  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH_501_with_Pyrometer_04

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH 501 with Pyrometer

  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH_501_with_Pyrometer_05

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH 501 with Pyrometer

  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH501_with_Pyrometer_and_Camera_06

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH 501 with Pyrometer and Camera

  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH501_with_Pyrometer_and_Camera_07

    Universal Laser Processing Head LH 501 with Pyrometer and Camera

  • Universal_Laser_Processing_Head_LH501_with_Camera,_Ring_Light_and_QBH_Connector_08

    Universal Laser Processing Head with QBH Connector, Pyrometer and CCD camera

The laser head LH501 is suitable as laser processing head head for laser soldering and plastic welding for diode lasers in the range of 100W - 300W light output.The laser head LH501 is optionally equipped with a fiber-coupled pyrometer and a video camera. The pyrometer and video camera are reflected coaxially into the beam path of the laser via beam splitters. The video camera is clamped and can still be focused even when processing material out of the focus.If required, the LH501 can be cooled via a cooling flange by means of air or water. In addition, a process gas can be supplied via a separate connection.A solder wire feed unit can be adapted to the laser head. This results in a compact system for laser soldering with solder wires or also solder paste.Laser glas fiber cables with FSMA905, D80 or LLK-A connector can be connected. IPG diode lasers with a fixed collimator (pigtailed) can also be connected to the process head.

  •      Maximum laser power 500W
  •      Fiber optic connector FSMA905 or D80 or LLK-A or IPG fixed collimator
  •      Optionally with pyrometer and video camera
  •      Pyrometer and camera coaxial to the laser beam
  •      USB camera with SXGA resolution
  •      Camera focusable for working out of focus
  •      Ring light with adjustable brightness
  •      Typical working distance 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
  •      Weight 1.2kg

Applications for the laser processing head LH501 include laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser heating in the semiconductor industry of components in vacuum as well as applications in the research and development.