The LCL is a fiber coupled diode laser with integrated LASCON pyrometer measurement and control system for a laser process with closed loop temperature control

  • Laser power up to  130W
  • Integrated LASCON Prozess Controller
  • Fiber coupled infrared pyrometer
  • For laser process head  LH102  LH103 , LH501
  • Fiber core diameter 100 – 400µm
  • Optional solder wire feeder controller on board
  • Little wiring, super compact
  • LASCON Controlled Laser by Mergenthaler

    LASCON Controlled Laser

  • LCL

    LASCON Controlled Laser | LH 102

  • LCL

    LASCON Controlled Laser | LH 103

  • LCL

    LASCON Controlled Laser | LH 200 Z

  • LCL

    LASCON Controlled Laser

LASCON controlled laser

The LCL is a diode laser with integrated LASCON measurement and control system for a closed loop temperature controlled laser process.

The LCL is a combination of fiber-coupled diode laser with max. 140W power and LASCON® pyrometer measuring and control system in a compact housing. This drastically reduces the installation space, wiring and costs. When using the diode laser for laser soldering with solder wire, the system also includes the controller for the solder wire feeder and the control for the ring light of the laser head. Thus, with laser soldering, all the cables that are needed lead to a system. This drastically reduces and simplifies the effort for wiring.

In addition, the unit is safety related for integration in machines and plants. The diode current can be easily switched on and off safely by  an internal safety devices.

  • Power supply 90-260 VAC, 50Hz - 60Hz, 300W
  •      Laser power up to 130W
  •      Wavelength 915nm, 978nm, others on request
  •      Glass fiber diameter: Pigtailed 100μm, with detachable fibers from 200μm
  •      Laser spot diameter down to 100μm
  •      Easy to integrate in machines via digital and analog  I / O -> LASCON
  •      Easy to integrate laser safety
  •      Bus connection: Ethernet or optional EtherCAT
  •      Integrated high-speed pyrometer with 10,000 measurements per second
  •      Temperature measuring range typically from 120 ° C, optionally from 70 ° C
  •      Integrated process controller for closed loop control with 10,000 control steps /s
  •      Software package for process control: LASCON Process Controller
  •      Software package for video camera: LASCON Camera Manager
  •      256 programmable laser process scripts
  •      Data storage on internal flash disc
  •      Automatic data export to the hard disk of a production server possible

The LCL diode laser system is an ideal tool for integrating laser soldering into machines and systems.

All you need is the laser system, the glass fiber cables and the laser processing head (with or without solder wire feeder). With these components you can go directly into laser soldering with pyrometer control. Thanks to the high brilliance of the laser system, even extremely small laser spots down to a diameter of 100μm can be realized.

Other applications include laser plastic welding, laser heating and other laser processes.

The products presented here complies with laser class 4. The laser may only be operated in an environment that complies with national and international safety regulations.

Due to its compact design, the entire laser system can be integrated in the processing chamber. Therefore, it is relatively easy to build Category 1 laser equipment.

The laser process heads LH102, LH103 and LH501 can be connected directly to the system.