Application example laser cladding

Exact temperature control improves the quality of the build-up welding

Laser Deposition Welding with coaxial Mergenthaler 2 Color Pyrometer


Customer problem and requirement

During laser cladding process , the component is heated up due to the long process time

  • This increases the welding depth with the duration of the process
  • The exact process parameters are unknown

Solution by Mergenthaler

  • Coaxial pyrometer measures the workpiece through the powder nozzle
  • The heating of the component is compensated for by reducing the laser power with increasing process time
  • The process temperature is regulated, monitored, saved and visualized
  • The control  is carried out by the LPC04 LASCON controller

Status quo

Coaxial or side looking  MERGENTHALER 2 color pyrometers control and monitor laser deposition welding worldwide