Beam shaping

and Homogenization

Shaping and homogenization of the laser beam profile are important tools to improve the results of the laser process. 

  • Hexagonal and octagonal spots as replacement for homgeneous , round spots
  • Square spots 
  • Simple laser lines 
  • Highly integrated solutions 
  • Complex geometries like frames and double lines
  • Lines, double lines, axicons, homogeneous rectangles, top hat profiles
  • Customized optics
  • Beam_shaping_01_frame-optic

Thanks to various optical systems, we can offer our customers almost any spot geometry in laser focus.
Usually, multimode optical fibers generate a Gaus-shaped energy distribution in the focus .
Hexagonal or octagonal optical fibers can be used for pure homogenization in the circular working point of the laser. Mergenthaler assembles such optical cables and obtains nearly perfect TOP HAT profiles in the focus,
For beam shaping we use either special optics, microlens arrays or DOE (Diffractive Optical Elements) or ROE (Reflective Optical Elements). With these, almost any geometry can be created.
We always pay special attention to the integration of a pyrometer coaxial to the laser beam.


Special beam shaping optics for homogeneous spots typically from 300┬Ám diameter 
Rectangles, Donut Laser Profile, Hexagonal Spots and Special Frame Laser Profiles

  • Laser Plastic Welding
  • Laser soldering
  • Glass Frit Sealing
  • Laser Heaters
  • Laser Bonding