High Speed fiber coupled 2 Color Pyrometer

with LASCON Process Controller

Digital Mergenthaler infrared 2 color pyrometers are the result of years of development and are ideal for non-contact measurement of process temperatures

  • Measuring ranges typically from 250°C
  • Independent of the emissivity of the material and the spot size
  • Switchable to infrared pyrometer measurement (single color measurement). Then the pyrometer measures from 160 ° C
  • Measuring rate 10 kHz - 10,000 measurements per second (optional 15 kHz)
  • Pyrometer with light guide - no problems with electromagnetic interference
  • Spot diameter from 100 µm
  • Light guides up to 50m in length
  • Built-in closed loop process controller
  • Process monitoring
  • Data storage on internal flash disk
  • Complete recalibration possible when installed in laser heads (coaxial measurement)
  • Temperature measurement traceable to temperature standards (NIST)
  • Highspeed Lichtleiter

Mergenthaler, No.1 in temperature controlled laser material processing


Dr. Mergenthaler High Speed ​​2 Color Pyrometers are ideal tools for temperature measurement on metals and many other surfaces. An advantage of 2-color pyrometers is that the measurement of the temperature is largely independent of the emissivity of the surface. In addition, in contrast to the infrared pyrometers, the measuring spot can also be smaller than the spot diameter of the pyrometer. 2-color pyrometers can also be switched to infrared (single color) pyrometers via software. All Mergenthaler pyrometers are supported by the same software LASCON Process Manager. This creates a complete system of high-speed temperature data acquisition, closed loop control, visualization, real-time storage and archiving.

Typical temperature ranges of the Mergenthaler Quotient Pyrometer (2-color pyrometer):
from 300 ° C to 2400 ° C in different measuring ranges (at 10,000 measurements per second)
For example: 300 ° C to 1000 ° C, 550 ° C - 2300 ° C

Even with unknown emission coefficients, 2 color pyrometers accurately measure temperatures on many surfaces.

Application: laser hardening, laser cladding, laser welding, high temperature processes

With the integrated temperature process controller laser sources or induction generators can be controlled. This way processes that were previously guided by constant laser power now can be optimized simply by specifying a processing temperature.

The system works autonomously: That means measuring, controlling and storing at a rate of up to 15kHz and without PC connection. With the software package LASCON® Process Manager you can visualize, parameterize and monitor your laser process. With our simple script language up to 256 different laser scripts can be programmed and executed. With these scripts you can monitor your laser processes 100% and have a traceability of your entire production.

  • Over 1700 units sold in industry and research
  • 10,000 (optional 15,000) temperature measurements per second
  • The 2 color pyrometer can also be switched by software to an infrared pyrometer (single-color pyrometer)
  • Measuring range infrared from 180 ° C, 2 color pyrometer from 300 ° C
  • Grayness adjustable via software for adaptation to various surfaces
  • In various measuring ranges up to typ. 3000 ° C
  • Glass fiber length up to 40m, measuring spot up to 0.3mm
  • Suitable for all diode lasers (808nm, 940nm, 980nm), NdYAG 1064nm, CO2 10.6μm
  • Visible pilot light beam, dimmable
  • Save up to 500,000 processes in real time on an integrated flash disk
  • Monitor processes with simple script programming
  • Create and activate 255 different process scripts
  • Temperature and power monitoring trigger good / bad signal
  • 24V industrial I / O interface (start, stop, ready, active, script select, process error ...)
  • Analog In / Out
  • Ethernet interface and option EtherCAT
  • Analog Out 0-10V (0-5V) for controlling lasers, heat sources, inductors
  • Remote on / off
  • 24V supply, optional wide-range power supply 90-260 VAC
  • Integrate the device into the network by Ethernet or EtherCAT
  • Self-monitoring and device diagnostics

With over 1700 industrial LASCON installations worldwide, Mergenthaler is the world market leader in temperature-controlled laser material processing.

Application for the Mergenthaler LASCON 2 Color Pyrometers are:

Laser Cladding: Measuring the temperature of the powder coating to achieve a constant and homogeneous track width. In a closed loop controlled process, the slow heating of the workpiece during the process gradually creates an ever widening welding seam. This undesirable process is counteracted by the closed loop temperature control.

Laser welding: Temperature controlled laser welding of, for example, aluminum and composites Aluminum / steel composites are an example of applications for LASCON in laser welding of metals.

Laser hardening: A temperature-controlled laser hardening process is standard today. The laser control by means of a pyrometer compensates the different absorption behavior on the workpiece as well as the different heat dissipation by bore holes under the surface or edge effects. Mergenthaler LASCON systems with 2 colorpyrometers have been used worldwide for more than 15 years to control the temperature during laser hardening.

Annealing after laser hardening or welding to reduce material stresses

Additive manufacturing processes can be controlled by LASCON to control the temperature during the process. Therefore critical parts can be safely produced by controlling the critical temperature during the process.