Development of manufacturing processes

Mergenthaler develops the complete laser production process in its own application labs.

Typical applications are :

Laser Soldering

Laser Plastic Welding: Contour or Quasi Simultaneous by galvo scanner

Laser Heat Treatment

We also manufacture your pilot series or take over the contract manufacturing for you.

The equipment in our laboratory includes several 200W diode lasers, tabletop robots, pyrometers, camera and galvo scanner.

The customer receives explanatory videos and protocols and an estimate of the expected process capability.

An inhouse presentation, specific training and test days are offered as well.

Development of customer projects

Equipment setup on site

Mergenthaler supports customers worldwide with the installation of the equipment and first ramp of the process.


Training and process expertise

Mergenthaler offers software and hardware training at the customer’s facility.

The company also provides expertise on how to best integrate the company’s products into third-party machinery.

Calibration and maintenance

Mergenthaler offers periodical checks and maintenance of the equipment in production.

Calibration of pyrometers is verified and adjusted; the certificate necessary for ISO9000 compliance is issued.